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Access Token Validation Failure Invalid Audience

Access Token Validation Failure Invalid Audience. Today i had a need to connect to microsoft graph and do some tasks on office 365. No batch api used on purpose) however it works intermittently.

Exception of type 'microsoft.identitymodel.tokens.audienceurivalidationfailedexception' was thrown. } in the. I had the same issue: If it is not, the client has no access.

In Our Token, The App Id Is In The Aud ( Audience) Claim.

The access token in the request doesn't have required audience 'urn:microsoft:userinfo'. I had the same issue: See identity provider access tokens for details.

How To Validate Bearer Jwt Access Tokens.

These can be minted as json web tokens (jwt). As a first step i have created an application in azure portal as below and Since i have already done similar stuff for my pswindocumentation.o365healthservice.

If Any Of These Checks Fail, The Token Is Considered Invalid, And The Request Must Be Rejected With 401 Unauthorized Result.

Now the flow will not run, and the teams action in my flow (post a message (v3) (preview) indicates access token validation failure. Ideally all users who can access that link of the audio conferencing details can join a teams meeting. Access token validation failure with one of the demos.

Today I Had A Need To Connect To Microsoft Graph And Do Some Tasks On Office 365.

I expect it to either fail or succeed all the time for same access token. (token is retrieved outside for loop.means same token is used to delete each item. Oauth 2.0 leaves the design of access tokens in terms of encoding and validation up to implementers.

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In Azure Active Directory I Have Given The Api Permission For Mail.send And Other Mail Related Things.

I created a sample app using his own credentials on my own hardware and still getting the same error. A useful trick is to use something like jwt.io to look at the access token you get and see what issuer and audience the token is valid for. I have a textbox control with the text as office365users.manager (user ().email).displayname and it is throwing the following error:

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