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Swtor Level 60 Token Faq

Swtor Level 60 Token Faq. When you subscribe to star wars: If you’ve created a new level 60 character and find that the playstyle of that advanced class does not suit you, you may delete that character before they reach level 61 and create another without having to buy a token from the cartel market. 7.

For example i have already played jedi knight two times, if for some reason i would like to start another jedi knight now, i would prefer to use that 60 token so not to go through all the leveling again. This token does not grant access to content that you have not yet unlocked. These are the available paths you can choose from:

Welcome, Found Some More Info At The Bottom Of That Link That Explains The Lvl 60 Token.

But do not worry, even if you experience the bug, the start at level 60 token is in no way lost. As for early access that is a matter of you having been subbed for the required time. This character must be a new character, you cannot “boost” an existing character up to 60.beyond that first one which is included free with kotfe, you can purchase additional level 60 characters through the cartel market at any time.

3X Level 60 Character Tokens.

Former subscribers and players who have purchased cartel coins are known as preferred and have fewer. The knights of the fallen empire chapter 1 free trial offers you the opportunity to create 1 free level 60 character and play through the chapter 1 story. Or, at least, for those of us, who were not alive to witness the premiere of a new hope 🙂 youtube.

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If You’ve Created A New Level 60 Character And Find That The Playstyle Of That Advanced Class Does Not Suit You, You May Delete That Character Before They Reach Level 61 And Create Another Without Having To Buy A Token From The Cartel Market. 7.

Here’s what eric said exactly: This also means that tomorrow during the live event for extralife i will be able to give prizes in the form of these tokens! So if you have finished kotfe, you have completed many, many missions, and you will not get the token back.

Level 60 / Level 70 Character Creation In Swtor.

And none of the decisions from that content changed kotfe anyway. Short tutorial and overview of the new level 60 character token. If you delete before hitting level 61 you get the token back to respend.

Deleting Your Character At That Point Is The Same As Deleting Any Other Character You Have Created.

It may take some time to be restored but it will happen. I’m currently sitting on 2 level 60 tokens activated, and at 22/26 characters (my free 60 was apparently made before things bugged to heck and gone, and he’s perfectly okay even had a mandalore statue hiding in one of his cantina crates, but i. Actually, the tokens you buy are character slot and level 60 character, the free one with expansion was just level 60 character.

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